Saturday, November 16, 2013


Roger and Lucinda have lost three to the Rainbow Bridge this week, Brumby, Rook and Puji.   Puji crossed the bridge this morning.
 Puji and Geisha came into rescue in August, 2012.    We were told that Puji was 8 years old.
 He was a happy boy and a good sport about getting dressed up for all the holidays.
 Shortly after he came into rescue, he went into liver issues-- very serious.
 With Lucinda's incredible care, he rallied.    
 He needed special care, but he got that with Roger and Lucinda.    They love and care for these special ones so much.
 Last year, Puji dressed up for Christmas-- and we were looking forward to another year of special pictures.
 Puji caught a cold this week, and it put even more stress on his system.
Lucinda did all she could for him, but it was just too much on his frail body to overcome everything.
He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the loving presence of his mom and dad, Lucinda and Roger. His foster mom, Lucinda said, "Losing Puji is hitting me hard L  Who would think a house could feel so empty with “only” 10 dogs ! For a 10 pound dog he sure had a big presence in the house. I did not realize how much of my day was spent feeding Puji anything he would eat to keep his weight up until he was gone. I do not know how people do this without other dogs to help them through it."      Rest in peace, sweet boy.


nana said...

He made his journey to the bridge knowing he was loved and cherished.......Blessings to his family.

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry for your loss and I see you have had 3 .

Prayers to you all.

Nicky said...

just devastating. another very special pekey.

Maryanne said...

I'm so sorry. Bless you and thank you for taking in the tough cases and giving them kindness and love.