Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 Chewman was one of my loved foster dogs, so writing a farewell is harder.
 Chewman came into rescue from a home in Maryland in 2005.   He was beautiful and young.  He needed a new home.
 While he was with me, he was not a snuggle dog-- but when he went to his new forever home, he became one!   He loves to be on his mom's lap.   Many dogs have not had the love they deserve, but they learn how wonderful it is once they are in a new home and getting so much love.
 Chewman was adopted into a family of Pekes!   His mom had Pekes, his "sisters" (his mom's daughters) all had Pekes.   A Peke loving family for sure.
 He loved to visit the neighbors' dogs, too.   They said he was a gentle spirited angel of a dog.
 Chewman loved the babies in his family-- he was so sweet with them.   He would lay by them and lick their faces.   He loved to chase birds, he loved walks, he loved rides in the car.  He loved life!
Chewman was diagnosed with cancer last July.  He was on medications to keep him comfortable and last week, he suddenly got worse.   His mom knew yesterday that it was time.  Chewman gave her so much happiness, and his mom will miss him forever.   Later, in his memory, she said she will foster older dogs that no one else wants.   I know Chewman would love that.   Little Chewman, you were so loved.   Run free, now, little man.  


Lost Earring said...

I hate seeing "Farewells" but somehow you make their tribute so lovingly that it soothes the heart to be made aware that after rescue they came to know the comfort and love of a good home with loving and caring Furever families.

Thanks for the uplift while sharing the passing of a beloved rescue.

lady jicky said...

What a lovely and handsome Peke Chewman was ..... I am so sad to read this but what a wonderful thing his Mum is going to do .... in memory of Chewman , she will foster the Peke's that people find "difficult or old"--- As we know Linda, many of those peke's are not so bad to deal with and are great to adopt!!

nana said...

My heart is breaking for you....thank you for bringing love and joy and peace to this beautiful baby. My prayers are with you.