Friday, March 11, 2016


 Just look at Gizzy-- he came back into rescue after having been in his adopted home for several years. He was adopted in 2012.
 It's unfortunate when we get back our adopted dogs.   Many times, there is a good reason, and of course, we're glad to take them back.  
 Gizzy had some health issues when he was returned.  But, those have all been addressed and he is doing great.
 We do the best we can when we review applications.   We are trying to be even more diligent about them.  Sometimes, we have new adopters-- those who have never had a dog before.  Meeting them sometimes make us realize they would be great owners-- like Tucker's mom and dad.   They are wonderful!
 Gizzy and Doolin are becoming friends-- and we're happy for that.   He is being cared for SO much better than before.
 Gizzy came in with a lot of skin issues.   His foster parents are incredible!    They have taken him to the vet and are doing "above and beyond" to get this little one healthy.
 They found that bathing him first in Dawn (unscented) or T/Gel, and then another shampoo, has helped him heal.    I have two allergy dogs, and my Chumley has been a "battle for allergy health"-- so I tried first bathing him in Selsun Blue for sensitive skin, and then I bathe him in  Hy-Lyt which helps lubricate his skin.   I've always used cream rinse on my dogs-- they smell so good-- but Chumley cannot have it on his skin.    Like Gizzy, Chumley has to have frequent  baths, at least once or twice a week.   Otherwise, he is miserable.   (I am NOT a vet, so make sure you clear things with your own vet if you want to make changes or try these things.)
 Gizzy's foster parents make his treats.  Here's the recipe they use.
 And they bought a dehydrator and make special veggie treats for him.   They are so dedicated!!
 Gizzy loves his treats.
 Gizzy is doing so much better!   He is so happy in his foster home.  
 His coat has become thick and glossy.
 He is a happy boy.
 And his loves his "brother" Doolin.
 They both get so much attention.
 They like to sleep together.
 Gizzy is having a treat during his bath-- YUM, carrots are good haha.
 And then, it's time for a rest.   With a buddy.....
 Or by himself.  We think he is about ten years old.    He is now in great shape.  
Gizzy is available for adoption, but an applicant will have to make sure Gizzy gets the same care he is getting in his foster home.  We won't settle for anything less for this sweet boy.


lady jicky said...

Skin condition is a commitment ( My Moi Moi had itchy skin ) but when you are "in the zone" with the treatments ... its somewhat easy. I am sure you have the dog shampoo and conditioner called Malaseb Medicated foam and Aloveen Shampoo and conditioner with oatmeal in it. I find these two very good for skin conditions.
Mr Gizzy is looking handsome Linda !!!!!!!!!

Lost Earring said...

I love the carrot cigar photo. And I love getting caught up on Gizzy's progress.

Toni Davis said...

There's my Gizzy. He was such a sweet boy! Can't imagine what happened cause his adopters seemed like such good peke people?! So happy to see him flourishing again! Hugz to all who are helping him!