Wednesday, March 2, 2016


 Norton is having a dental today and while he is sedated, his eyes will be looked at to get a better idea of how they are doing.   His teeth are really bad, and mouth/teeth care is so important.   Infection in the mouth can lead to serious illness and heart damage.   Floyd has serious heart issues (valve damage) because of lack of dental care.
 Norton has found his voice!   His foster mom, Sherry, walks around the yard, talking to him and he is getting braver about following her voice.    At first, he would only roam a little bit, but he is doing so much better.
 With all the beds available in Sherry's house, Norton decided he likes to be under the kitchen chair.
Maybe he senses it is out of the way, but he likes it there.    Look for updates on facebook on how he does!

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lady jicky said...

Good luck at the dentist Norton..... oh Linda ... isn't he just the cutest thing!