Thursday, March 10, 2016


 Joyful Grace loves the warm weather.  She still wears a shirt, but not a sweater.
 She loves the sunshine.
 Joyful and Daisy, also a foster, are content roaming around, and finding a good place to settle in-- warm spots are the best.
 Joyful gained 6 ounces and loves her food.  She is a great little eater now-- a far cry from when she came in.  Her hair will probably never fully grow back, but that's okay.  She is healthier than she ever was, probably in her life.
 She is a little love-- she loves to explore all over the yard.  It's a freedom she probably never had.   Nice doggy friends, a big yard to check out and a foster mom who adores her-- her life is good.
 Norton has mastered coming down the ramp to go outside.   Sherry is always with them, using her voice to guide them.    Rudy, who had surgery, doesn't need her to say anything-- he is her shadow, right there wherever she goes.
 Norton has been on antibiotics for his bladder infection and has no accidents now!  Yahoo!  He is so good about his eye drops.   At first, he was in pain, but not anymore.   He loves how they make his eyes feel.
 He is eating well now that his mouth/teeth have been taken care of.  I'm sure his mouth hurt before, but it's all healed now.
 His coat is so pretty, and he's doing great.
 Daisy is a sweetheart.  
 She and Norton look so similar except for color-- both fluffy, both sweet, and both laid back.  Daisy loves to go to the fence to greet her neighbor dog.   Norton just likes to wander.
And Festus, resident Peke, just watches them all, like the good monitor that he is.   He is having a dental today, so say a little prayer for him.   He will be fine, I am sure, but little prayers are always good!

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lady jicky said...

Its so nice to see them all out in the yard just sniffing around and doing their thing!
Always happy to hear a update of Joyful Grace .