Monday, March 21, 2016


 Gus came into rescue over 2 years ago.   He is a beautiful, sweet boy.   He is 8-9 now, and he lives in New York!!
 He was in awful shape when we got him and Jeanne did miracles for this precious boy.
Gus was on his walk in New York and he met an actor-- Danny Pino of  Law and Order, SVU.   Danny came up to Gus and petted him and said he liked the green sweater that Gus was wearing.   He was so nice to Gus and his mom.  
 Gus was riding in real style this past week!  His new mom and Gus make trips to see his friends in N.Virginia.  He has a buddy there named Sawyer and they love to play together. Do you think he's relaxed?  Amtrak just started allowing small dogs to ride on the train, so Gus is thrilled to go with his  mom.  
 What woke you?  Is it your stop?  
At the end of the day, Gus was ready to go to sleep.  It was a long, happy day!   I'll see you at the PVPC picnic, Gus!   (You'll be there, right?)    I'll be doing a blog on our annual picnic this week.

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lady jicky said...

How wonderful that your train system will let little dogs ride!!!!
I wonder...... did he go to the Club Car????? LOL