Thursday, March 31, 2016


Why do Pekingese have flat faces?   
Were they bred to "be ugly" in order to scare off evil spirits?   (Who could call this ugly!)
My Max think the whole idea of being ugly is just hysterical.  
One of my Pekes used to grab a tupperware bowl  and run around the house.   He inevitably ran into door jams.   That was years ago and I would not let one do that now?    Did that activity make his face flatter??
Do Pekes run into parked cars and walls?  Or just let the cold snow gently flatten their face?
Poppy must not have run into much-- but then again, she isn't a full Peke.   She has a nose!
Maybe the flying ears kept Poppy from running into things.   At the last minute, the ears made her turn.   Air Lift!
Do they dive into their food bowls too hard and flatten their faces?
Tucker doesn't-- again, he's not a full Peke.    Safe!
And this is why most have a flat face.  Like Maddy, they use long term efforts to make their faces flatter-- just wedge themselves at the door all night and it gives the desired effect.   What other reasons can you think of for their flat faces??


Lisa_S. said...

They were chasing the school bus in ancient China and the bus made a quick turn and the dog didn't and ran into the Great Wall. Face smushed.

Lost Earring said...

They probably got flat faces from the many kisses they received. Our Mercer Meyer who is a Pom/Peke mix has the beginnings of a Peke nose because it turns up at the very end in a Pekingese style. It makes Mercer Meyer so cute because of that little turned up nose.

I love this story.

lady jicky said...

People and other dogs are 'Beneath" the Regal Pekingese so its all that time holding their heads in the air while passing all the peasants! LOL