Wednesday, March 23, 2016


 Madeline sure loves her mommy.    Madeline came from a home where she was loved, but her previous owner could not take care of her.    (I still stay in touch with her and we have become friends.)
 Micky wasn't so lucky-- he came in with two others and we don't think they had a good life before.
 He had one of those faces that makes you want to just hug him, but he is timid.   Don't let the sad eyes fool you though.   He loves his new home and sister, Madeline.  Sometimes, they race around the house and have so much fun.
 Madeline has more energy than ten dogs.  
 She can leap onto the couch, the top of the couch, the chair and leap in front of her brother to start playing.    She is full of joy!
 "Come down here and play!"
 "You can bring the ball, too."
 "Really, come down!"
 Madeline loves her ball.  The tiny tennis ball is her favorite thing in the whole world.
I guess you'll have to play with your mom until Madeline comes down.  That's fun, too!

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are just the sweetest pair!