Saturday, May 21, 2016


There are almost no Pekes in this blog-- but my granddaughter is turning 13 today.   That's a reason to celebrate.  
 Can my first grandchild/bit be 13 already?   It seems she was tiny such a short time ago.    (Yes, that's a riding helmet-- makes it easier to eat breakfast.)
 Lil Bit was such a happy baby.   She was smiling all the time.   
 Sunglasses help with the nighttime glare.  
 She has big blue eyes and a sweet temperament.
 She learned early to love and respect animals. 
 Here she was with my Scooterbug.   She had Wicket and Lottie in her life from the time she was born.
 We used to call her Princess Dandelion.
 She met so many of my foster dogs-- here are Mika, the puppy, and Mimi, her mom.   
 She had a family horse, but got her own pony when she was young.
 She loves reading-- and sitting in a tree makes it even better.  Her mom, my oldest, did the same thing.
 She helped me rescue this little one.    Lil Bit has so much compassion.
 She loved visiting her grandparents home by the river, and she came to ours, too.   Love all around!
 She began school....
 She met Taylor Swift.
 She rode horses with Bitty Bit.   
 Starlight loves her!
 When she was 9, she raised money to fund a well for fresh water in a third world area.  She and her two friends raised $15,000.   Well done!
 She loves her dogs.  There is usually one around, close by to snuggle.
 I'm so proud of my granddaughter.   She came into the world and I fell in love.   
 Lil Bit and Sugar Bit-- both ends of the grandbit group.   I love them all!
 She loves her brother and sister and is so good with them.   (Yes, she got pink highlights on the tips of her hair-- very cute.)
 I love you, sweet girl.   I hope you have a happy, joyful, loving, and blessed birthday!!


LadyJicky said...

Coco and I wish Lil Bit a wonderful birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Wow, a teenager. And still beautiful. Congratulations, grandma. :)