Saturday, May 14, 2016


 Lulu came into rescue in 2014.   Her owner was out of work, losing his home and he wanted a home for Lulu.   She was six years old and we were sure we could find a home for her.
 She was fostered in my area and her foster family loved her a lot.  They knew the right home was out there for her-- and it was!
 A Peke friend came to our picnic last year and met Lulu-- he loved her right away.   I've known Charlie for years and knew what a wonderful home he would give her.   So, off to Indiana she went.
 She has a sister named Leila, who is a beauty!   Leila turned 13 years old this week and so they all celebrated.   They celebrated Lulu's birthday, too.  We aren't sure what date she was born, but they cheered her on-- we know she is 9 this year.
Lulu Bea loves her new home and they all adore her.   You look beautiful, Lulu!

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lady jicky said...

It must be so hard to give your dog in when unemployed , sick or other dreadful things but I am sure Lulu's first owner would be so happy to see she has a great home and a beautiful black Peke sister called Leila!!!