Wednesday, May 11, 2016


 Before the picnic, I went to Sherry's to pick up Daisy to take her to the picnic.   She was adopted there. I got to see Norton and the gang there.
 I was able to visit with the rest of Sherry's gang.  Joyful has so many cute outfits.
 Rudy is such a sweetheart.  He came through all his surgery and is doing well.
 He is so friendly and even though he's not a Peke, he has settled into a houseful of them.
 Festus is Sherry's Peke-- he is the cutest thing!   His stand out ears just make me smile.
 He is a love and friendly to everyone.
 He keeps a watch over Joyful.   He's such a good big brother.
 Yes you are!
 Norton roams around.   He is such a nice boy.  He has lost his sight and some of his hearing.
 But, it doesn't get in his way.   If you want a sweet cuddle bug, and love the seniors, he is a sweetheart.
Not a Peke, but Daisy is a loved member of the family.   They are a happy pack!
Joyful is so happy she is part of it!

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lady jicky said...

Oh what a family they all are - just fabulous!
Festus is so cute with those ears of his and I am delighted to see Joyful - looking good Miss Joy!!

Today I have been waiting by the phone as Coco has had her Dental .... with the anesthetic's - I am so worried about her getting through it all but she did fine and she had a lump taken off her left eye lid.
While she was "under", Coco had her shocking nails trimmed - why do Peke's have such strong nails????? I mean - lets face it - Peke's sit around all day - no cross country running for a Peke ! LOL
Steve and I will be picking her up in 2 hours. Poor Coco will have to suffer with a Elizabethan Collar - or the "Cone of Silence"! Bet she is hungry and in a Very Bad Mood !!! LOL