Friday, May 20, 2016


 When Sugar Bit isn't playing, talking, sleeping, or eating, she is usually around the dogs.
 She was being very sweet with Kai Kai the other day.
 She has dogs at her house and my house (and her aunt's house) and we are teaching her "gentle."
 I think it is SO important for children to know how to treat dogs-- with kindness most of all.
 Sugar Bit wanted to pet Kai Kai-- he was resting, which he does a lot since he had eye surgery.
 He used to run the back yard with Max when they heard a sound-- a squirrel especially.
 While Kai Kai is getting used to his loss of sight, he isn't running now.  (And that also means watching his food intake, so that he doesn't end up with a weight issue, too.)
 He stays near me, and is getting better at finding me as I talk to him.  In my office at my desk (which is also the former living room, and now playroom), he has a bed and he likes to be near me.
 Sugar Bit is learning to be gentle, to use caution, and give respect to the dogs.   It's never too early to learn.
 Kai Kai is learning to use his ears more than his eyes and he turns toward me as I talk to him.   He has a tiny bit of sight in his left eye and is better about not running into things.   We hope for more vision after his third surgery-- it takes time, a lot of eye drops and a lot of patience.   Cataract surgery (and laser surgery and retina reattachment surgery) requires MANY eye drops during the day-- MANY.  At first, it was 6 different drops (at least five minutes apart), four times a day.   We are still giving some drops four times a day.  If you are considering any eye surgery for your pet, make sure they will allow you to do drops many times.  You can use lubricating drops like Systane or Refresh to see how your dog reacts to this.   If they won't tolerate you doing this over and over, don't attempt eye surgery.   Without the drops, the eyes will not heal.   These are very expensive surgeries and you want the best chance at a good outcome.    Here is a link on cataract surgery for dogs.    Click here: Cataracts and Cataract Surgery in Dogs @ Animal Eye Care
 He is my boy-- my heart dog.    So, I've done all I know to do to help him-- surgeries (3), carrying him in and out, working with him to "learn" how to be blind.   He is making progress.
I love this dog.


LadyJicky said...

Sugar Bit is growing up - be driving a car soon ! LOL

Dear Kai Kai ..... I know just what you mean Linda.
Coco had teeth clean and a growth off her eye last week and with the "Cone of Silence" on the head she is SO upset and .... well - that means her stomach issues have gone bad! I am carrying her to the lawn to toilet and off to the Vets a lot (went today - stitches out and antibiotics because of blood in stools) so while I am carrying Coco I will think of you on the other side of the world carrying Kai Kai - we are Peke Sisters Linda!!!!
Healing vibes for Kai :)

Unknown said...

I look forward to reading your blog every morning and I just wanted you to know I really appreciate all the info. I am a peke mom now for a year and still have a lot to learn....everyday a little less though thanks to awesome sources like you!

Anna Saar said...

KaiKai is SO blessed to have you as his mommy!He will adjust to his diminished vision, but it will be much harder for you. SuzyQ lost her vision in late 2008 -- I still wake up every morning and wish there would be some miracle to restore her sight -- even a tiny bit. But there is isn't, but SuzyQ lives a full, happy life -- she is loved by her mom, dad and grandmom -- and she loves to boss around her three brothers --Willy, Bink and Oliver. She wants KaiKai to know that his heart will help fill in for his eyes, and to help guide him. We all send our love to KaiKai. We also love that SugarBit is being such a wonderful nurse to KaiKai -- she will always remember these lessons from you about how to treat animals with respect and kindess. Maybe she will be the one to take over your rescue mission!!!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Poor dear Kai….I will keep a good thought he adapts to his new 'normal' very soon. And holy cow, is Sugar Bit getting so big!!! LOL