Monday, May 30, 2016


Skittles isn't a Pekingese, but he came to visit.   He is 8 weeks old-- a baby!
He is a Spaniel mix and my dogs were so good to him.
Floyd was the first to introduce himself to Skittles.
Then we had a "tail-gate" greeting going on.
Floyd, are you sharing secrets with him?   We love puppies-- but all mine are older, so visits are fine, but someone else gets to foster them. :-) (He is not with our group.)
Kai Kai knew he was there, but he ignored him.  
What do you see?   More dogs you can greet or harass?  haha
Max is also called Mr. Grumpy, but he has mellowed with age (he's almost 13) and he just ignored the puppy.
Chumley just wanted to show him good places to mark.
Floyd was happy to meet him, happy to greet him, and happy to let him go back with his foster mom.   You are so cute, Skittles!!

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LadyJicky said...

Skittles is very cute and I bet he had a lovely visit!

Kai Kai is looking good Linda :)