Friday, May 6, 2016


 Jasper came into rescue last week.  
 He had a microchip, but his owner had not updated her number when it was changed, so she could not be contacted.   Please remember to check your microchip information.
 Jasper came for a short visit.   He wandered my house.
 Where does that door go?   To the playroom-- okay!
 Maybe I'll go that way.
 A new friend came to visit.  I told her Starlight would have nothing to do with her and to ignore her.
 Starlight must have heard me, because she was all over her, giving kisses, receiving attention.  
 Jasper loved wandering the yard-- he is 10.5 pounds of adorable!    He is about ten, we think.   He seems to be housetrained and he is fine with other dogs.   He didn't mind Sugar Bit at all.
Jasper will have a dental and nasal fold surgery next week-- he needed some antibiotics first.   Then, he's ready for a home.  We have a few applications already, so I don't think he will be with us long.   He is so precious!!   Welcome to rescue, Jasper!    If you would like to contribute to Jasper's surgery, just go to our website at or email us at  

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lady jicky said...

Oh I want Jasper!!!!! He is such a cutie!!!