Friday, May 13, 2016


 Tink--Tinkerbelle-- came into rescue with Digger and Kacey.   From the beginning, this was a sweet group of dogs.
 Tink was spayed and we found that pyometra had begun.   We got her just in time.    Without being spayed, she would have died.
 Coltrane loved her when she was there as a foster-- he would have kept her, but his mom said only 2 dogs were allowed there.  
 He watched over her so carefully.
 She is a dollbaby,  She's on the big ottoman.   I wonder if she can jump on tables like Digger can!
 She obviously likes to be on top of things-- ottomans...chairs...
 She is now in her forever home and her new mom adores her!   (She sure has a pretty house, too.)
 Tink has settled right in.   She is so happy to be cherished and loved.
I can see she will want for nothing.    Thank you for adopting!!


lady jicky said...

Oh Miss Tink is just beautiful .... and how could you resist her! LOL

Oh yes pyometra .... Coco and her "angel sister" Moi Moi had this - they were de-sexed in time and I am so glad Tink was too!!

Kim said...

We loved fostering Tink. She was a joy. I know Donna loves her even more than we did. This rescue story has a VERY happy ending.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Another hooray for Miss Tink!!! :)