Monday, May 2, 2016


 We had so much fun at the picnic.   Desi's Photo Booth was set up and lots of wonderful pictures were taken!   I'll be sharing some this week.  
 Muggles and Sushi didn't want to be photographed. But, their dad, Alan, helped.
 Suzy-Q was there.   She tried to tell Kai Kai that it would be okay if he did not have his sight.  She has no eyes, and has done great.
 Arby was there with her beautiful coat!
 "Here, I will pose for you!"  
 Celeste and her Marco Polo were there-- I will do a story on him later.
 We had our annual silent auction and this beautifully framed photo was there.    Everyone loved it!
 I think this is Trixie-- but I could be wrong-- I met so many new Pekes.   She was really glamorous for her photo time.
 There were SO many things to bid on at the auction.   Four tables of contributions helped us bring in some much needed money for medical care.   There was a Pekingese lamp there!!   (I loved it, but someone else got it.)
 Desi, in her stunning dress, supervised the photo area.    She wanted to make sure every picture was stunning- and they all were.
Several of us stayed to clean up, chat and just catch up.   Thank you to Kay, Claretta, Roger, Lucinda, and my husband, Matt.    Of course, ROBIN was the hardest worker there-- she set up everything and helped to take down everything.   Please post a note to thank her-- the picnic would not happen without her help-- she is amazing!!   THANK YOU, ROBIN!!!   Most picnic pictures coming!


lady jicky said...

Oh the Picnic looked wonderful Linda and it looked like the weather was great and I would have bid on the Pekingese lamp too! Who won it?

Anna Saar said...

What a wonderful day!!! Our family loves the Peke-nic and looks forward to it every year. This year the sun was not out and it was chilly, but that was more comfortable for the pups. We love seeing everyone -- Linda, Jeanne, Robin, Matt, Marilyn, Lucinda and her husband who is such a patient photographer. This year I won a Pekingese coloring book, a flag-patterned belly band and a Peke jewelry box at the Silent Auction! I loved the Peke lamp -- I think Marilyn won that - lucky her! Willy-Wonton, SuzyQ and Bink had a great day. We all loved seeing all the Pekes -- especially sweet KaiKai, who we are keeping in our hearts! <3