Wednesday, May 18, 2016


 We had a request to take in this little one from a shelter near me.
 His name is Midnight.  He's so sweet!!!
 My friend, Susan, volunteers there and here is a Pit she loves.  There are several there, but this one and Donner (I did a blog on him the other day) are in need of a home/rescue.
 I went to meet Midnight.  
 As you can see, he isn't a Peke, but he sure is cute!
 Friends of mine, Lucinda and Roger, will do his vetting for free if we can find a home for him.
He is sweet, seems to be housetrained (not not soiled his kennel at all), and is friendly.   If you would be willing to give him a home, please contact me at    We think he is about 4-5 years old.
On a side note, while at the shelter, my daughter (who came with me) began talking to a lady whose dogs has gotten out of her yard-- the huge wind the other night had blown open the gate.   (They are inside dogs-- don't worry.)   My daughter asked if she had checked lost and found on facebook, but she wasn't on facebook.   So Molly pulled out her phone and looked and THERE WERE the two dogs!   Within an hour, her dogs were home.   They are therapy dogs at a nursing home and loved family members.    Maybe there was more than one reason we were at the shelter!

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lady jicky said...

Oh so great that the lost ones were found!

Midnight .... looks to me like there is a bit of Pekingese and Pom. in him ! Very pretty and you know I love a black Peke.