Tuesday, May 17, 2016


 Norton is such a cute boy.   He can't hear much and is blind, but that doesn't get in his way.
 He loves to sit in the sun-- he can feel the warmth coming through the front door.   Oh, it feels so good!
 My dogs love to be in the same spot in our house.   Plus, they can guard the street at the same time.   That's a big job on a dead end street!
 Rudy has done great since his ear surgery and his stroke.   He is stable again and showing no signs of problems from either.
 Rudy can watch over Norton while he also keeps an eye out for Joyful.
 Joyful has one of her new shirts on-- she's always ready for the day, decked out in a beautiful outfit.   Does she have as many clothes as Desi-- I don't think so, but she may be getting close.
Festus doesn't care about clothes and being fashionable.  He is too relaxed and chill to worry about that!
 Norton knows that Rudy is going for a check up at the vet today.   Maybe he should come for moral support.
 Rudy has a little growth on his eye that we want to check out-- that means I get to see him again!   He's such a sweet boy.
Daisy won't come-- she'll stay home and guard the house.   Good idea!

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lady jicky said...

Oh they are ALL so cute !!!