Thursday, June 9, 2016


 Camp Runamuck is in full session-- and we are so busy.   Kai Kai had to spend the day at the opthalmologist again.  Unfortunately, he has developed glaucoma in his "good eye" and has lost vision.   Two weeks of more drops and he will also be spending time at the clinic again for monitoring.    We were so hoping for vision-- but.... He is such a good dog.  He will adjust.
 Pi had surgery yesterday and had to stay overnight.   It was a very vascular surgery, so she is being monitored.   It looks like the mass was malignant, but a biopsy was sent off.    We hope time was bought for her to stay with all of us longer.  We'll know more soon.
 The grandbits all love extra time together.  The two boys have so much fun together!!   And since we live across the street from our youngest daughter, it's easy to go back and forth.
 Sugar Bit decided the dog bed was for her.
 It can be a boat...
 or a bed....
 She can hold the sides and rock it back and forth...
 Or just stand in it.
 Granger (who used to be Digger) was in the kid's push wagon.
 Why am I in this??   He is such a good sport.
 Big water bowls were on the deck and Gigi decided it was her turn!
 Chumley just wanted to play..
 Sugar Bit wanted to swing.
 Drill Bit wanted to talk on the phone (or course, those little purple phones don't work!).
 Floyd found shoes to lick (of course he did).
 Starlight found a cabinet to rub her eyes on-- why why why.
 Kai Kai was exhausted after a long day, so he slept.
 Max just tried to avoid the chaos.
 At the end of the day, Bitty Bit and I read A Day in Fairyland.   We do this every time she comes.
 Drill Bit joined in-- of course, Kai Kai was right there.  He has decided the middle of our big bed is his spot.
Granger-- aka Granger Danger-- decided he was done for the day.   So was I-- Good night!


LadyJicky said...

I am exhausted!

Linda ..... I hope Pi gets a good report and I hope Kai gets one too.

Very cold and rainy here ... well, it is winter. Enjoy the bits and summer!

Lost Earring said...

I love the water dish and Gigi impatient to get a drink.