Monday, June 13, 2016


 This week-end, there were  four adoptions!  YES!! FOUR!!   Millie above came from a hoarding situation of 66 dogs.  She was 13 years old and finally had a chance at a home-- she has one now!  She went to live with someone who loves the older ones.   That says a lot about them-- loving the older ones means you won't have them as long-- but oh, the love you give and receive during that time.   We're so happy for Millie!
 Granger-- formerly Digger-- was formally adopted this week-end.   We knew he wasn't leaving my daughter's home, but it was finalized on Sunday.   He was at my house and we had a blast at our Camp Runamuck week-end.   Granger will learn this is just another one of his homes.
 Poppy was transported to my area on Sunday and she had someone here who was ready for a new dog.   And Poppy was ready for a new home.  
 Poppy has already settled in-- choosing which dog bed to use, showing her new mom that she can jump up on her lap and give love.  
 Last, but not least, here's Callie.   This is her shelter picture-- she was in the euthanasia room when my daughter called about her.   They stopped the euthanasia, and my daughter now has a new dog.   She is heartworm positive which is why no one was adopting her, but she will have her heartworm treatment in the next few months.
Callie is great with the grandbits, the other dogs, and she is housetrained.   She is a sweet girl!
What a week-end!!  Four dogs have new homes-- I love it!!

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LadyJicky said...

You have had a terrible week Linda but ..... what a LOVELY END - 4 Adoptions!
Yeah to them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!