Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 Waddles came into rescue from a DC shelter in March.   He is a senior, maybe  11-12 years old. (I have a house full of seniors-- I love them!)
 He was a little fluff ball with almost no teeth, but a sweet personality.
 He can't see, but I am learning more and more that blind dogs are just fine.  
 They may bump into things, but they just back up and keep going.  
 Waddles is exploring his foster's yard.   Run, Waddles, Run!  Go, go, go!
 He is speeding along-- as fast as a turtle!  Yippee.
 Look at that sweet face.
He looks like a little Pekingese model!   If you are interested in a special one, Waddles may be for you.   He just needs a place to live out his life.  Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
by Linda M.

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LadyJicky said...

I just love Waddles !!! So fluffy and cute.

I am doing my Adoption Dance for him and I hope you get a wonderful home for this sweet guy.