Thursday, June 30, 2016


Norton is one of our special foster dogs.
 He was adopted from us several years ago, but came back because his owner had health issues and could no longer care for him.  
 Norton needs eye drops to help his eyes to be comfortable.
 But, he cannot see.  
 Norton came to us with a broken leg several years ago, but after surgery, he healed so well and is such a sweet boy.
His foster mom wrote up something about him and I want to share it here.   "“Norton is one of the most mellow Pekes I have ever fostered. He’s an older guy, maybe 10+, and now weights @15 pounds. He is blind but gets around quite well once he learns his route. He goes down my ramp wonderfully and slowly walks the back yard. He has learned how to tell if he’s close to the edge of the ramp and make the needed adjustment. He is on 3 different eye meds – drops and crème – and will be on those forever. He is very!! Cooperative when getting his eyes cared for.
 He is able to hear but has some trouble with the directional hearing. He was recently diagnosed with having a small bladder stone but is on a special diet for that. The vet is confident that the diet will help dissolve the stone. He’s very good about letting me know that he has to go out. He will walk towards the door and will give his ‘I have to go out’ whine. Then, he’ll stand there and wait for me. He’s always had a good appetite and eats well. He is on an OTC iron supplement as he was/is a bit anemic. The numbers are heading in a good direction
 As like most Pekes, he loves a good belly rub. He also loves having his ears rubbed – front and back. He also likes a soft back massage. He is, what I call, a reaction barker. If one of the other Pekes bark, usually Rudy, Norton chimes in. I do believe that he is thinking ‘ Rudy’s barking…must be something going on…I better bark, too’. Once Rudy stops, so does Norton J
Norton will be a sweet and loving companion for some lucky adopter. If you’re looking for a laid back, easy going, sweet natured Peke, Norton is your man.”
If you are interested in Norton, please email us at   Norton would do well where someone is home enough to let him out often.    He is such a sweet one-- could you give him a home?


LadyJicky said...

Oh Norton ... what a beautiful old guy he is! I would have him in a heart beat if I could .

Expat Fledgling said...

Such a beautiful boy. Sammy is in the same situation, multiple eye drops, only sees movement now, but still curious. I hope Norton finds the perfect forever home, & I'm sorry his owner can no longer care for him. Blessings on all.