Tuesday, June 7, 2016


 My family has had Pekingese a LONG time.  This is Princess Ginger Blossom, who I had when I was in high school.   She was only 5 pounds.  
 Sweetpea and Scooterbug as puppies-- my sweet two!   Scooter died a few years ago and I miss him so much.   His sister died young from heart failure.  Scooterbug was my therapy dog/helper for every foster who came to our home.
 Digger is now Granger-- he was just adopted by my daughter from our rescue.
 We've had Pekingese a long time-- but we also love big ones.   Pi has been part of my daughter's family since her first child was a baby..  Pi has been the Nannie dog to many children.
 Pi had lived outside on a farm in a rural N.C., where many dogs were dropped off and they made it to this farm.   Meghann used to ride horses there, and met Pi.  Pi was a year or two old-- and she adored Lil Bit, a little one year old (who is now 13).  
 Pi joined their family and was the perfect house dog-- she never had an accident.
 She has had many dog and cat friends-- here she is with Gigi.
 Pi loves to go to the house where my daughter's in laws live-- the river is a great place to swim!
 Gigi and Pi are great friends (but now that Granger is there, the two young ones play a lot, letting Pi rest more, like older dogs like to do).
 Pi is 14-15, but we are not ready to let her go.   She has a mass growing on her stomach, so she goes in tomorrow for an x-ray and if it shows no other tumors, she will have surgery.   Her bloodwork is great, and we hopes she has several more years to live.  
 My granddaughter, Bitty Bit, wrote this for her and asked her mom to pray it aloud.   Here is what my daughter wrote about her:
"If you were to describe the perfect dog, you would probably say loyal, gentle, loving, patient, playful, watchful, protective. Pi is all that and much more. She is truly the best dog I will ever have. Half German Shepherd, all perfection. But now, she isn't doing so hot. She has a mass on her tummy and it may be cancer. This week we will x-ray her to see if it is an isolated mass. If it is, we will hopefully remove it. If there are other masses, we will have to say goodbye. She has loved all my babies well--letting them learn to walk holding on to her soft fur, being a pillow when they needed extra love. She is always near, never intrusive. This morning, the Viking (Bitty Bit) came down early and asked if I could pray this prayer with her. And we did. I don't know what will happen this week with our faithful companion, but I know that the God, who knows every sparrow, cares about my kids' hearts and Pi."
Pi is a beautiful girl, best dog ever!  (Even though she isn't a Pekingese.)   So, if you think about her tomorrow, please lift up a prayer for her.  We hope surgery is an option for her.   If not, she will have had a life full of children, family, joy, love-- the best life.   We all love you, Pi!

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LadyJicky said...

Coco and I will be saying our strongest prayers for dear Pi !!!