Friday, June 24, 2016


 Kai Kai and Chumley hanging out together.    Kai Kai's vision was diminishing late last year.     The rest of my dogs still have "good" eyes even though they are all 11-13 now.
 I watched him, and in February, we went to the vet.   Most of his vision was gone in his right eye and 50% was gone in his right eye.  He had cataracts.     Cataracts are where the eye lens begins to cloud up over time.   It is often an inherited condition.  (Kai Kai came from a puppy mill in Missouri-- and I got him when he was almost 6.)   Cataracts can also come because of diabetes.   Kai Kai does not have diabetes (thank goodness!).  
 We decided to have cataract surgery done on him-- it was his best option to see again.   So, in March, he had his surgery.   We use Animal Eye Care in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.   We are SO fortunate to have so many specialists within miles of our home.   (While I was there, a dog had flown in with his owner's from Puerto Rico to see the specialist.)
 After the surgery, he spent at least three days a week at the ophthalmologist, being monitored with "pressure curves"-- this is when the pressure in his eyes was checked every hour or so throughout the day.  
 Glaucoma can be a side effect (rare) of cataract surgery, and our ophthalmologist goes above and beyond to monitor the dogs they do surgery on.    
 Unfortunately, Kai Kai developed glaucoma in his right eye.  Normal eye pressure is under 25, and his was over 50-60.   It's like having a migraine in the eye.   He had needles in his eyes to relieve the pressure-- I know you are all cringing.   But, Kai Kai was SO Good, never snapped, let them do whatever was needed.    To help, Kai Kai ended up having laser surgery on the right eye in hopes of controlling the glaucoma.   His second surgery.
Kai Kai did well for awhile-- but the right eye lost all vision.   He continued to be monitored, have many eye drops throughout the day.   His left eye began to get some of the vision back and he quit running into things.    But, then......  See tomorrow's blog for the rest of his story.  

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LadyJicky said...

Kai is such a brave little soldier .... Coco and I send him a big kiss.