Sunday, June 26, 2016


 Maizy came into rescue about four years ago-- and now she is celebrating her tenth birthday.   She was a little "scrawny" when she came to our rescue, but her foster mom, Dee, knew she could get her healthy.    
 Her foster mom adopted her and said Maizy gets a little more ornery every day, but they love her anyway.   (Pekes are ornery by nature haha.)    I love this smile!
 Maizy is smart-- she even sent me an email to tell me about her birthday!  Here it is:
 "Hi, everybody, it's me, Maizy, and guess what?   Today, the 26th, is my birthday.    I'm on a special diet so I can't eat a lot of things ,but mommy made me this birthday sandwich with peanut butter, my favorite food.
 I am now 10 years old. I may be getting up there but I still have a lot of life left.
 I remember when mommy first got me,  I was so scared.   My other owners had been mean to me. But my mommy and daddy only show me love. It's not always easy to trust, but I do my best.
 I think my best birthday gift was when PVPC found me and rescued me.    Happy birthday to me and thank you everybody at PVPC.

Love Maizy"

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Birthday cute Maizy!
I love her smile too Linda !!