Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 Maggie and Max came into rescue in 2006.   Can it be that long ago??
 Someone was supposed to adopt Maggie from the shelter, but when I arrived to pick up Max, Maggie was still there, so I got her, too.  
 They were both SO happy to be out of there.   They had been dumped in a field near by and animal control had been called about them.   I suspect it was their owner-- we tracked their microchips and found the owner, but no response ever came to our contact attempts.  
 Matt, my husband, told me she was one of his favorite foster dogs.
 Somehow she knew how to jump on the chair and up on the table.   I'm not sure why she wanted to be up there.   Maybe so she could be queen better.
 She has a huge underbite-- and it is SO cute.
 She was adopted to a wonderful home in Maryland and now she really is a princess/queen!  (Max is mine now and he never left.)
 After she was there awhile, Bobby joined the family!
 Maggie modeled one of the outfits from the picnic auction.    Maggie just turned 13, but she is doing great!    It's hard to believe she is 13 already.  Seems that she was here, but it's almost ten years ago.
You are a beauty!!    Just love this sweet girl.

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LadyJicky said...

Maggie moo is so pretty!