Friday, February 3, 2017


Most people use baby seats for babies-- but in our house, they are used for Pekingese.  Of course, we had babies here, grandbabies--The Bits--- but now we just have one bouncy seat and the Pekes love it.   Granger was in it while he visited (my daughter's Peke, also know as The Chosen One. LOL)
 We kept one bouncy seat because Starlight loves them.  She thinks they are just for her, but...
 Sometimes, Sugar Bit still gets in them.  Just for fun.  
 Why Kai Kai tries to get in them is a mystery.  But, he does and it wobbles and weaves.
 He probably tries because it was in the spot of his regular bed.  (So, it was later moved.)
 He settled in though.
Abbey Peke decided she wasn't going to get in.  She would rather be on the table.
 Or a chair.
 Any table will do.
 She will be going home soon-- it will be quiet here without her!

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LadyJicky said...

I always smile when I see one of your peke's in those babies chairs!
Coco will not do that.. sniff at it but never go in there.
Your Peke's are more adventurous Linda!!