Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Dogs live in the moment, but they remember so much.   It's our job to give them a wonderful life.  Here are some ideas.  

 Don't be annoyed when I jump all over you the second you walk through the door.  I have missed you and just want to show it. (Jolene and her friend)

 I have a lot less time on this earth and I'm happiest when I'm spending that time with you. (Jolene's friend, LeeLee)

 Give me time to understand what you want from me. I promise I'll do my best. (Tucker and his mom)
 I may not be young anymore, but I love you just as much as I did when I was young. (Camden)
 Put your trust in me.   After all, I have to trust you with every aspect of my life. (Ted and Lily)
Comfort me when I'm scared.  Unlike me, you're used to all the noise and busy streets and general hustle and bustle of human life.   I always feel safe when I'm with you.  (Gus and Coco)
 Talk to me.  We may not speak the same language, but the sound of your voice always brightens my day.  (Gus and his friends)
 Don't leave me outside-- I love to be where you are.  (Midnight)
 Show me that humans can be loving and are not filled with hate.   If you treat me well, I'll be your best friend forever.  (Simba and his mom)
 Give me the freedom to be a bit wild and get a bit dirty.   Sometimes I see a big puddle or an inviting lake and I just can't help myself.  (Simba)
 Learning new tricks helps to keep me sharp.   It keeps me in shape and most importantly, it give me the chance to impress you.   I love it when you're proud of me. (Sophie)
 Remember these words: 
People are born so they can learn how to lead a good life.
That means loving others and being a good person every day.
Dogs already know how to do this.   That's why they don't need to live so long.  (Granger and Bitty Bit)

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LadyJicky said...

Just Lovely!!!!!!!

Hey.... that Coco is a Aussie Cockatoo!!! I have then flying around my house and the noise!!! LOL