Sunday, February 5, 2017


I wanted to share just one picture today.   It's a little Peke who was lost in my area.   It wandered down the street and a Peke angel saw it and brought it into her home.  Several friends messaged me about this one, and gave me a phone number.   I called and let her know that instead of going to a shelter, we could help this little one.  Of course, we would still try to find the owner, contact the shelter with all the information, and help it find its way home if possible.   The finder took the Peke to her vet, where a microchip was found.  (Please microchip and keep a tag on your pets.)  AND the owner was contacted and the little Peke went home.   I'm so glad-- and so was the owner!   I'm so glad there are Peke angels out there!
Please have your vet check to make sure the microchip is still present-- at your yearly pet exam.  Microchips can come out, move and be hard to find.  Also please please update your information.  You may think your vet has done this or that a shelter has put your name on your adopted pet, but this is not always the case.  Most of the time YOU must do this!!  This is so important.


LadyJicky said...

Peke Angels are around and I am so glad this sweetie meet them .....and.... she is back in her family once again.

Lost Earring said...

This story is beautiful and it sends a positive message. Be an angel for these babies who somehow become lost and already have loving owners who are desperately searching for their little ones.