Friday, February 24, 2017


 Brewster was one of Robin's beloved Pekes.   He was a senior and so sweet.
 Yogi and Brewster would share a bed.   Brewster was so good natured.
 He lived with Yogi....
 and crazy Corkey.   (Corkey kept us laughing at meetings at Robin's house.)
 Brewster and his brother, Boomer (who died in 2013) were the best boys-- they were always ready to be gentle, loving and friendly.   Brewster had a littermate name Bethoven, who died suddenly in 2009 when he was 7.
 Robin's crew are all seniors and it's so difficult to lose them.  Robin has had Brewster since he was a puppy and he was one of her own Pekes-- not a former foster.   I have known Robin for over 11 years and know she adores the Pekingese breed.
Losing Brewster yesterday was devastating.  
He is now with his brother, Bethoven (above as puppies) and with Boomer, running free.   I'm so sorry for your loss, Robin.  I know you will miss him so much.   Our hearts are with you.

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LadyJicky said...

Love goes out to you Robin from Australia. Brewster will be so missed.