Monday, February 27, 2017


 Triple came into rescue last summer.  He was in bad shape with a large tumor on his foot.   There was nothing we could do but amputate his leg.
 He did GREAT!   We knew a special person would be needed to adopt him--
 And those people lived near where he was being fostered!  How cool is that!
 Maggie the Pug welcomed Triple and they are inseparable.
 His mom and dad do so much to strengthen Triple who lost one of his back legs.  He has had laser treatment and also does swim therapy.
 After they both have been in the pool, they are zonked!
 Triple could not have found a better home.  When we find homes like this for our fosters, we are shouting with joy!
Yes, I think this boy found a lot of love!


LadyJicky said...

Yes he did find a lot of love!!! Now Triple .... make sure you do not go in the water after you eat!

* Do you have that rule in the USA too? Have to wait a hour so you do not cramp.

Lost Earring said...

I love the Triple story because it's a story with a happy ending. The photos of Triple's foot was so scary before the surgery and Triple's progress was stunning and then on to a great home with Maggie, Mom and Dad. I follow every Triple and Maggie story.

Laurie L. Bennetti-Cannizzaro said...

My son and daughter in law are the BEST pet parents EVER! Love the whole family!!

Laurie L. Bennetti-Cannizzaro said...

My son and daughter in law, David and Tara, are the BEST pet parents EVER!! Love the whole family. My grand dogs are very spoiled, as is my own dog!