Monday, February 20, 2017


 We were asked to take in a Pekingese named Duke.   He was five years old, but we weren't sure we had a place for him.
 It didn't sound like he got along with other dogs-- but one of our foster homes volunteered.  (I love our foster homes!!)   You see, we knew enough about his home that we needed to get him out.
 He got to his foster home and was in an xpen-- and he did not growl, he did not bark, he just watched.   All the dogs were having fun-- what was that?
 One dog was let in with him-- and he was fine.   Then, he was allowed with other dogs-- no problem!   In fact, he loved it!   So much for what we were told.   (He was crated extensively and now he sleeps in the bed with his foster parents-- and a few other dogs haha.)
He had a great play time with his new friends and it seems that he has realized he is safe now.  His personality has come out quickly.  He is happy, loving, and just plain sweet.   He is on medical hold while we get him caught up and give him time to just be a dog.   But, I'll post when he is available for adoption.   For now, here he is, just being who he was always supposed to be:  Click here: Duke learning to play - YouTube

 I just love this video!!


LadyJicky said...

Now that is a happy dog !

Lost Earring said...

I LOVED the youtube story showing Duke having a high old time with the other Pekes. He is so pretty with that long coat and watching him interact with others is a real joy.