Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Darcy was disagnosed with Vestibular Syndrome.   Signs of this are a sudden loss of balance.  Sometimes is it called "old dog vestibular Syndrome" because it usually effects older dogs.
A trip to the vet should be done to look at your dog's medical history.  Bloodwork will usually be done and the exam could include xrays and urinalysis to rule out other conditions.      
An inner ear infection can be the cause and medication would help.  Sometimes, there is no known reason or cure, but time (usually a few weeks) solves this.   (f it doesn't resolve in a few weeks, more testing will need to be done.)   Darcy's mom has been syringe feeding her since she has trouble standing up and drinking or eating.   When she tried to stand up, her head tilted and she sometimes fell over.  
Darcy seems to be getting better over time and is standing up and getting around some now.  We're so glad for her!  And her mom, too!!   Here is a link to read about this.   
Click here: Vestibular Syndrome In Dogs And Cats | Web DVM


LadyJicky said...

WE hope Darcy is better very soon!!! I have never heard of this ... scary!

LadyJicky said...

Forgot to mention...... I see the winner of the Toy section at the Westminster Dog show USA was .... wait for it .... a Pekingese .... But - of course!!!! LOL