Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Lots of Pekes are wishing their families Happy Valentine's Day.  Sophie is ready to lavish her mom with sweet kisses!
Freddie Leaf is always ready to give out love-- and he gives it daily to all of us who are his friends on facebook.
Peanut has been attacked by the kissing Valentine!
Triple and Maggie are ready-- they know something special will come from their mom and dad.
Chumley ate a heart!  One's on his tongue-- that's why he is so sweet!
Ricky was one of my foster dogs over 12 years ago!    He's almost 15 and still a sweetheart.
Abbey Peke loves coming to our house-- and she has love in two places.   I know she's going to visit the next time her mom goes out of town.
Our foster boy, Maddox, is one of those celebrating Valentine's Day!   He has come so far in the last week.   Now he is even playing with toys!
Allie Marie the Bebe had a dental yesterday, so she won't be eating any goodies today.  That's okay-- as long as she has a nice lap to curl up in.
Pudgie wishes everyone a happy day!
Magnolia and all of us at Potomac Valley Pekingese Club wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!

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LadyJicky said...

Coco and I are sending Aussie Kisses to you all XXXXXXX