Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 Harrison arrived safely to rescue yesterday.
 He is a small, 13.8 pound Peke.   He will be ten years old next month.  
 He loved the snuggle bed he was carried in, but then...
 he got down at the vet to check things out.
 He was kenneled at his owner's vet after his owner died-- he was there over four months, so I'm sure he did not get much exercise.  
 He is a little gimpy in the back end, due to arthritis, but exercise will help to strengthen his muscles and help him get around much better.
 He squinted during a photo shot and this picture makes me laugh.   Being in rescue gives us many opportunities to love so many.   Harrison is no exception.
 He walked around, checking out the exam room.
 And had fun meeting the vet tech.
 A little chin rub was great.
 He loved it.
 We did xrays and bloodwork and we'll know more in a few days.  I think he is pretty healthy.
 He had some treats, but especially loved the baby food tastings that the vet gave him.
 She examined him this way..
 and that way.   And he did so well.
Welcome to rescue, sweet boy!   We already love you.


LadyJicky said...

Oh Harrison is a redhead like my Coco! He will be just beautiful when all the coat grows back in!
I am doing my Adoption Dance for Mr H right now !!!!

Lost Earring said...

What an adorable little guy. It's great to hear he's going to a good home after being stuck at the vet's office for 4 months.