Thursday, January 5, 2017


 Bumbles was here for all of Christmas with us.  He's now in his new home and doing great.
 Christmas continued after he left this week because the 12 days of Christmas don't end until the end of this week.   All the dogs are still on the Christmas beds.   Kai Kai and Floyd are sharing.
 My tree is still up for another day or so-- and I'm enjoying it EVERY morning while I sip my coffee.
 The Christmas hats and collars will be put away.
 My desk will still have this holly on it with my Cranberry box-- in honor or my sweet Cranberry Muffin who died three years ago.  
 The dogs have enjoyed all the Christmas decorations--and special beds and laying under the tree.
 Chumley loves the couch regardless of what is covering it-- Christmas or not.
 The Christmas ornaments on everything will be put away.   Have I said I love Christmas? :-)
 But, today, Kai Kai is still enjoying laying under the tree.
  A Florida Peke is enjoying his spot with the manger scene behind him.
 Brandy and Camden rested long enough for their mom to get a picture.
 Camden, will you help your mom put everything away?
 This is an English Peke I saw on line-- he's 'peking' through the branches.
 Lily was resting while she visited last week.
 She kept checking to make sure her mom wasn't offering any treats.
 Maddy was enjoying his tree.  He received a lot of presents and treats.
 Megan looks comfy under her tree.
 But, this week, the Christmas decorations will be put away-- and we can sit back, rest (hopefully) and enjoy the winter calm.  And we can remember the wonderful Christmas we each had.
And "give thanks" for all we were given-- we have so much to be thankful for!  Happy Winter!


LadyJicky said...

A really lovely post today Linda.
I adore all the photos of pekes sleeping under the Christmas Tree's !!!

Mimi said...

Your posts -- especially about Christmas season -- brighten my day. Thank you Linda, for all you do, for a lifetime of service for caring, helping, rescuing, connecting and loving pekes!