Friday, January 20, 2017


This is Sugar.   She now lives with Joyful Grace's foster mom.  
Sherry felt the loss of Joyful so much that she wanted to help another little girl who needed her.   Her name is Sugar.  Sugar was in an animal control near us and she needed a home.     
She had been turned into animal control because she had a large mass on her belly and she needed surgery.  The mass was malignant and it does not appear that all the cancer was removed.   Her cancer is not agressive and Sherry is working with her vet to do all she can to extend Sugar's life.    
Sugar tolerates the cat. :-)
She checked out Festus and Rudy, the dogs, and they all do well together.   She is eating well.  She loves the good food she is receiving.
She loves the beds and has many to choose from.
She loves to get on Sherry's lap and her signal is to come up to the chair, and turn sideways-- that means it's time to be picked up.
She has fit right in and is being given a wonderful life.
It took ten days for Sherry to be able to get out some of Joyful Grace's outfits, but we know Joyful would want her wardrobe to be used to comfort another dog.   Sugar is small, and she is 11 years old, so hopefully, she will be well dressed for many years.
Sherry would still like to foster another, but for now, she is giving a lot of love to Sugar, and I know Joyful Grace would be happy that love has continued on.  


LadyJicky said...

I am so glad Sugar has found a loving home and the best medical attention a girl could have.
Yes .... Joyful would be happy for Sugar!

Lost Earring said...

Maybe it is the date or maybe it's that Joyful Grace filled my heart with hope while she was with us but Sugar's story is making me bawl like a baby.