Monday, January 23, 2017


 Starlight wrote my blog yesterday.  It was short, but you know it's hard to type with paws.
 Sometimes, I just need to slow down-- and do other things.  And here is one reason.  Sugar Bit.
 Sugar Bit is 21 months old.   She keeps me (and her parents!) busy!   She is so active and takes a challenge of getting into everything.
 Leaping from bed to bed-- no problem.
 And she is happy!   So, all the business and adventure is done with joy.
 Standing on chairs is fun-- and she doesn't fall much. Thank goodness!
 She loves the dogs-- even Max has gotten used to her.  Max is Mr. Grumpy.
 Getting into a cabinet to get all the straws-- that was fun.
 Riding her bike (it's a Moppy-Push trike-- I push it with a handle) is part of her day when we go to the bus stop to get her brother, Beach Bit.
 She loves to get up the stairs (I've changed my stair "security system" many times!) is fun because she LOVES to play and jump on our bed.
 She likes to peek under the door to Starlight's dining room (the half bath!).
 Gazing outside-- what is there?
 Pushing a baby in a shopping cart....
 She can show me her discontent when I won't let her help me feed the dogs.
 And likes to spread my magazine UNDER the coffee table.
 Spreading the books is fun, too.
 Sugar Bit learned how to open the gas fireplace doors-- the "pebbles" under the logs were so much fun to pull out and spread around.  (And it was fun for me to gather them up and put them back.)
 Kai Kai got in the bouncy seat-- Sugar Bit sometimes get in it, too.   She's past the bouncy seat stage, but the dogs love it.
Sugar Bit claims it now.
 Max is so used to Sugar Bit-- and Beach Bit!-- being here that he isn't phased much.  But, he doesn't have to watch her.
 Like the day she kept saying "Uh-Oh" and I looked in and she has pulled her entire crib bedding apart.
 Or when she kept going to the bedroom upstairs over the garage to jump on the bed.  I had to put a flip-lock on it yesterday.  The bungy cord worked for the day, but I was afraid it might snap off as she tried to wedge herself into the room.
 Abbey Peke is visiting and she was freaking out with Sugar Bit at first.  Now she is right in there with all of us.
 And Chumley loves Sugar Bit-- she throws his special toy over and over and over and over.....
Now you know why I took a day off yesterday-- sometimes, I just need a little time.  I would not trade any of it.  My life is full-- not just with Pekes-- but with grandchildren.  And two of them live across the street--Beach Bit and Sugar Bit-- so my life is very full.  Of love, activity, joy, chaos.   I love it!

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LadyJicky said...

Miss Sugar is sure grown!!!

I can see why you needed a "day out" ......Linda I hope you are having a Nana Nap right now !!!