Wednesday, January 25, 2017


 Oreo came into rescue in November.  He was in a shelter because his elderly owner could no longer care for him.   He was so thin, not even 8 pounds.   He needed serious help and was "rescue only" which means a shelter knows the dog needs special care.
 Oreo was sweet and his first foster home decided to keep on fostering him.  (He was going to move to another, but the first foster wanted to keep working with this tiny man.)
 Oreo is only 2 years old and the first goal was to get some weight on him.   He is here with Dixie, one of the resident Pekes.
 Ginger Kent came to us in November also.   And she was in the same foster home.
 Ginger Kent had to have eye surgery and other medical care, so even though she had a very interested applicant, she wasn't ready.
 And Oreo became very attached to her.   They became best friends-- this doesn't usually happen in a foster home.
 Oreo and Ginger Kent slept together, played together, and looked for each other if they were apart.
 These two, six years apart in age, became so bonded.
 So, we asked Ginger Kent's applicant if they would be interested in adopting Oreo also.   And they were!
 So before they went to their new home the end of last week, their foster parents took some group pictures.  Okay, Oreo, don't jump down!   And Pepper Ann is sticking her tongue out.
 Oh, my, now Oreo is sticking his tongue out-- and so is Pepper Ann!   And Gizmo is yelling for a cookie!
This is better-- all behaving.  Group pictures are hard to get.  Ginger Kent, Oreo, Dixie (black), Gizmo, Bubba, and Pepper Ann.   Look for another blog on Ginger Kent and Oreo's first week at their new home.   The only problem is that the foster home is VERY quiet right now.  That's okay-- I'm sure there will be another foster there soon.  


Lost Earring said...

I want an OREO.

LadyJicky said...

I am so happy they took both dogs!! It would have been such a shame for them to be separated.
What fabulous people they must be Linda :)
Looking forward to more posts of Oreo and Ginger Kent!