Monday, January 2, 2017


 Midnight was in a shelter a year ago, and in pretty rough shape   He wasn't a Peke, but we found a way to help him anyway  After all his medical, he was adopted to a home near me.
 He came to visit last week.   My dogs are so used to others coming and going, they aren't phased-- but they do want to greet them!  Even Bumbles, cone-head haha-- came over to greet him.  
 His mom just adores her boy!!  
 All the dogs came out the porch doggy door to meet him.
 Starlight thinks she is the boss, and of course, she's right, but she behaved-- mostly.
 Chumley just wanted to know if there was a new one to play with!
Midnight is a sweetheart and I'm so glad I got to see him again!   His coat is beautiful and he's so healthy now-- a big difference from last year.   Rescue is the best!

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LadyJicky said...

What a sweet boy Midnight is ..... and you know ... when the moon is right .... he just looks like a Peke!!!! :)