Monday, January 9, 2017


Gizzie was adopted from us in 2012, but then returned in 2015 when the owners could no longer care for him.  (Our contract states that they must be returned to us-- and I appreciated that they did this!)
Gizzie had a lot of allergy problems, but Tim and Colleen, his new foster parents,  were up to the challenge.
Doolin was up for having a brother!
Gizzie settled right in, taking over beds.  Why can't Pekes fit into the beds!  It must be a Peke thing!
He was SO HAPPY.
He had all the toys he could handle.  Can we say he loves mini-tennis balls!
He missed the bed entirely here!
He and Doolin became inseparable.  And sharing a bed in the sunshine is the best.
Gizzie was SO good about having his feet wipe off when he came inside.   He is on a strict diet and gets twice weekly baths for his skin.   These foster parents have been incredible.
All Tim asked for as his Christmas present was--- GIZZIE!!   And he got it.   I think Doolin wanted it, too.   They are now forever brothers-- I love that!

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