Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 Many of the Pekes who have come into our rescue have been given a special blanket.  Jackie, one of our foster moms, makes them and sends them on to the foster home.   Albert loved his blanket when he was at Jeanne's house.
 Allie Marie the Bebe loves to be covered up with hers, especially after a long day.
 Her family loved her the moment she came into rescue and they have given her such incredible care for her medical issues.
 .   Triple, above, had one when he first came into rescue.  He lives near Jeanne, his foster mom, and has a Pug sister now!
 Jill, one of Jeanne's Pekes, is resting on one.  She wasn't a foster dog, but she received a blanket when she was going through IMA, an autoimmune disease and Jackie wanted her to have her own special blanket.
 Prince loves his blanket!   He spends a lot of time on it.
 Tucker adores his!   He was so thrilled when it arrived that he curled right up on it.
Tucker also likes toys, his siblings and having all the loves he can imagine.
 Jackie is fostering Ginger Kent and Oreo.   These two have become SO attached to each other that they are being adopted together.
 They don't know what they would do without each other!
Every blanket that Jackie makes is full of love and joy.  And that is sent along to the foster Peke who can be wrapped up in that love.  Thank you, Jackie!  You are such a blessing!

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LadyJicky said...

Jackie .... what a wonderful and thoughtful person you are!

Jackie is a Peke Angel !!!