Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Abner was my foster boy four years ago-- he was a puppy with a lot of eye issues.  He had been in a rural NC shelter and they asked for help.   Of course, PVPC helped him!  He had at least two surgeries here (maybe three), and then he was adopted to a wonderful home.
I knew Abner and his family were coming to Virginia from New York  and we had planned to meet.
To my great surprise, I ran into them in Petsmart before our scheduled day to meet!   I saw Abner and yelled his name.  haha
Brody was there, too.
Abner was busy looking who he could greet.
He is a therapy dog and so good with people.
We chatted awhile and then finalized our brunch plans for a few days later.
And they came!   ALL DRESSED UP!!   I loved it!
Abner had on a hoodie and was just adorable!  HE IS SO CUTE!
And Brody's outfit had lights that blinked!
Lily, of course, was in a beautiful Christmas dress.
My guys were separate at first, and Chumley and Max wanted to know WHO was in their house.
Floyd and Bumbles were ready to greet the guests.
They all met-- and nine Pekes were here-- and they all did fine.
Oh, Lily, you are so beautiful.
I love dressed up dogs!
 We all sat around around and had brunch, Pekes all over and everyone having fun.
Lily was perfectly fine relaxing while we chatted.
Starlight had to be in there-- on Daddy's lap.
Luke, Abner's friend, was holding Brody.  
And Miss Lily was on her mom's lap.
She is a sweetheart.
Brody began to relax.
And he got more relaxed....
and more relaxed!!
And now he's alert!  He probably heard us taking pictures.
Starlight was content with her Daddy and the rest of the gang was hanging out, too.
 Kai Kai was content in his bed.
And Floyd loves the heater vents.  This one is "his." 
I think Bumbles wanted to make sure they didn't leave.
Beach Bit came over to see everyone.  Sugar Bit came, too!
It was a huge fun time!   (Baby gate in place on the stairs-- had to corral those wild Pekes. haha)
We took them all outside.
It's fun to see that many Pekes in the yard!
And then it was time for them to leave-- we had a great time with Abner and all his friends (dog and human).   As they left, Mary said, "Now I know what Camp Runamuck is really like!"   Fun, chaotic and full of Pekes!!   Thank you for visiting, Mary, Chris, Luke, Abner, Brody and Lily!!

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