Saturday, January 21, 2017


 I've had Max since he came to me as a foster in 2008.  Wow, can it be that long ago!  Here he is with sweet Chumley.
 Max is almost 14, and he just likes to lay around.   He used to chase the squirrels, but as he has gotten older, he doesn't see as well with his one eye, and well..... he's just getting to be an old man.
 But, he LOVES to watch TV!!  If there is a dog-- a real one or a cartoon one-- he knows it!   The TV can be on mute and Max can be across the room, but he knows when a dog is on the TV.
 I was in the playroom/office, and there was a dog show on.   Max leaped onto the couch.
 He saw Pekingese on there!
 "I'm so excited, Mom!"
 He sat there until I turned it off.
Then, he was back on his ottoman (this picture shows Bentley on it, too, when he was visiting).   (The crib is a time-out space, eating space, or recovery spot for Pekes.)    Max loves it up here-- he can view his domain-- that is, until another dog comes on the TV!

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LadyJicky said...

Oh ... so Max is a Couch Potato !

I watched live - in the middle of the night girls - President Trump inauguration and I have to say - Melania Trump in her blue Ralph Lauren suit looked beautiful .
My Coco really approved and do not get called after Coco Chanel and Not have a Peke Fashion opinion!!! LOL