Wednesday, February 22, 2017


 Bella Ann came into rescue in 2015, when her owner surrendered her to us.  There was a young child in the house and she was afraid Bella Ann might not do well.
 We were glad to help this sweet girl.
 After some medical care, she was adopted quickly and has been in her home since July of 2015.
She gets on the bed, has a big dog friend and loves to cuddle.   She is one happy girl!   I love happy rescue stories!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


 Panda is with a friend of mine-- they took her into their family after Panda's mom went to a nursing home.
 Panda has adjusted rapidly to her new home-- she loves it there.
 She is the smallest dog there, but a big personality.  We know how Pekingese take charge.   Small dog syndrome!
 MMM, are you waiting for a snack?
 Panda is a Daddy's girl--she will even stand at the window, waiting for him to come home.
 She will allow other dogs up there, but she has the lap!
 Her mom dressed her up and Panda was very patient.
 Maybe she felt like a little diva.
 I think pink is her color.
 The headband takes the cake!
She left it on long enough for her mom to get pics-- and then she got it off and went back to her dad's lap.   Oh, the life of a Peke!

Monday, February 20, 2017


 We were asked to take in a Pekingese named Duke.   He was five years old, but we weren't sure we had a place for him.
 It didn't sound like he got along with other dogs-- but one of our foster homes volunteered.  (I love our foster homes!!)   You see, we knew enough about his home that we needed to get him out.
 He got to his foster home and was in an xpen-- and he did not growl, he did not bark, he just watched.   All the dogs were having fun-- what was that?
 One dog was let in with him-- and he was fine.   Then, he was allowed with other dogs-- no problem!   In fact, he loved it!   So much for what we were told.   (He was crated extensively and now he sleeps in the bed with his foster parents-- and a few other dogs haha.)
He had a great play time with his new friends and it seems that he has realized he is safe now.  His personality has come out quickly.  He is happy, loving, and just plain sweet.   He is on medical hold while we get him caught up and give him time to just be a dog.   But, I'll post when he is available for adoption.   For now, here he is, just being who he was always supposed to be:  Click here: Duke learning to play - YouTube

 I just love this video!!

Sunday, February 19, 2017


 Granger loves to take time off.  It's his way of life.  But, most of us don't do it.
 We don't know how!   Granger does.   He takes time off to play with his ball..
 He takes time off to get sleepy, with his eye half mast.
 He takes time off to take a nap with a friend.
And he takes time off to take a Sunday drive.   We can learn from Granger.  Let's take some time off!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

We are Rescue...

When I write an email, I have a quote at the bottom of each one.  (Granger above)
It states our vision in rescue.  (Starlight and Kai Kai)
Here it is:   "We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places..." (Harrison above)
"...and the otherwise homely faces..."  (Beautiful Magnolia above)
"It is our gift to see beyond the dirt...." (Prince above)
beyond the "terror, sadness and defeat...."  (Sophie above-- fun with papertowels!)
"and find the true soul that lies within."     (my friend's rescue, Clover)
"We are Rescue."   (Ricky above)
Lu, above, is one who came to us.  He was beautiful to start with, but many really need our help.  And we help.  We help them to heal, to trust, to accept love.   We help with their medical problems and fix what we can.    I love this motto, it describes Potomac Valley Pekingese Club perfectly.  
 "We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and 
     the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the 
  dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that 
lies within. WE ARE RESCUE." 

Friday, February 17, 2017


Harrison came into rescue after his owner died and he was left in the vet clinic for over four months.   This took a toll on his muscle mass from lack of activity.   He was turned over to a shelter and they contacted us.  Could we help.  We sure could!  
We  had a wonderful applicant and they wanted an older one-- I love the older ones, and it's great that others do, too.   Harrison is about ten.
He made himself at home.
He was a little unsure at first, but he is coming around.
He has arthritis, but is on some meds to help that now.   (All of my own dogs get help with that, too- just part of the aging process.)
His new mom and dad are so glad to have him there and they said they are glad for the opportunity to make his life better and that Harrison  has made their life better.  He now goes on walks, and his muscles are rebuilding and he even runs a bit.   I love that!
Harrison is settling in and even decided some lap time was a nice idea.  I love to have adopters who know it takes time for a dog to adjust, to learn they are home and are safe.   
Given time, they can become the best, most loving addition to a family.  

Thursday, February 16, 2017


  Chien Chien came to us from a Roanoke shelter in 2008.  She was a sweet girl and immediately cuddled on my daughter's lap.
 She was a beautiful deep red with black highlights and she stood up to be loved on.
 She was just adorable.
 We had a wonderful application for her and she was adopted quickly.
 Can it be almost nine years ago already??   She is getting gray but still has the same sweet spirit.
 She used to live in our area, but now she's a California girl.
 She enjoys the warm weather and loves sitting on the deck.  (I would, too!)
 Walks in the California weather, year round, are so much fun!!  
Chien Chien has a wonderful life now with her mom.  And she's still just as beautiful!