Saturday, July 7, 2018


 Nala and BeeBee are the sweetest girls. 
 But, if I have to be gone for a long time, they visit Camp Acredale-- aka my vet.  Bettina even has a monitor so she can watch them!   They go to the quiet "ward" where there isn't a lot going on.
 I've been painting-- and there's a lot more to paint-- so I needed a day off with my husband.
 Nala has tried to help me, but her tail is just not very helpful!  We had lots of sample to decide our color-- she was giving her opinion here.
 So, I dropped the Sisters off at the vet and off we went on our get-away-day! 
 Our outdoor adventure was getting rained on! 
 It cleared up and we went to see a church that we thought was one in my husband's "history."   We saw one, and found out there were two of the same name very close to each other.  But, we had fun seeing it.  There was a museum there and a great guide.    We then found this church, a smaller one.   This is the church in Matt's family's records, but we didn't find any markers with our name on it. 
 It's out in the country, quiet and serene.  We were just having fun.   Then, we went to Yorktown to have an early dinner and head home.
 We were almost, almost to the tunnel and this happened.   Oh, no!   Thank goodness, it was a short stop.
 We stopped at the vet to pick up Nala and BeeBee.  They had their medication bag (lunch bag cooler with a Peke on it-- from the PVPC picnic!).  They have fun there and get a lot of attention.  Thank you, Bettina!
Home again, hanging out, content and loved! 


LadyJicky said...

Great to have a "get away" day as you work so hard Linda and I think Bee Bee and Nala had a nice time too!
Thank goodness the rain went!

Lost Earring said...

I'm so glad you and Matt had a day to yourselves. The churches were a special treat too I would think.

So glad that the Sisters had a quiet day that was a relief for you because your vet is an ANGEL and a great baby setter as well.