Wednesday, July 11, 2018


 Matilda came into rescue eleven days ago. 
 I brought her home after a brief stay at my vet, "Camp Acredale."  (Acredale Animal Hospital, Virginia Beach)    My dogs had to greet her and tell her she was safe here.   Nala has been a little jealous, but they all do so well when a new one shows up.  Just look how tiny she is next to mine.
  I knew she had cataracts and our area has a lot of specialists in it.  We are SO fortunate!   I got her in the next day.
 She had to have a week of eye drops before surgery and yesterday, she had her cataract surgery. 
On the way to and from the vet, she had on her seat belt to make sure she was safe.   (It keeps a dog from flying around the car and they stay safely in place.)
 After her surgery, I picked her up-- and of course, she now has an e-collar.   They all fell in love with her at the ophthalmologist. 
 She just charmed them all.  She was so good.  As Dr. Nadelstein (Animal Eye Care, Chesapeake, VA) was examining her, she walked across the table to him and put her nose on his nose.   Oh my heart.  💙
 We arrived home and just like the first time she arrived, everyone (Chumley and Kai Kai were inside) had to greet her.   Nala, who has been a little jealous of her, was wagging her tail and had to make sure she was okay.    It was so sweet to watch.
She will have eye drops four times a day, a visit this morning, one on Saturday and then again next week, followed by visits for the next weeks and then months.    I am hoping she heals well with no complications.  She deserves a special life, just like the rest of our fosters do.   Thank you to everyone who made her surgery possible!! 
Dog Cataract Treatments - Cataracts in Dogs Diagnosis | petMD


LadyJicky said...

So glad Matilda made it through the surgery .... now for the healing :)

Lost Earring said...

Watching Matilda being welcomed to Rescue was so sweet and then watching the Sisters and the rest of the gang welcome her home from surgery was a beautiful thing. This little girl is going to be yet another of Linda's "Won The Lottery" babies.