Sunday, July 8, 2018


 Look at this sweet face.  Minnie is one of the family who came to us after their owner died.
 Her son, Andy (white), and her dad, Koko, also came to us.
 Andy is very shy.   He has the most soulful eyes.   I just adore him, but I'm full for fostering.
 Koko and Minnie both lost an eye due to either glaucoma or...
 a deep ulcer that made Minnie's eye lose its vision. 
 Andy sat and watched as Kim and Jamie came to visit. 
 Mr. Winnie was there, too-- he belongs to Marian, who has been caring for the three Pekes.
 She has done  a wonderful job, but we needed to move one or two. 
 Jamie and Kim asked which one needed the most help-- Andy needs that to come out of his shell.   Jamie is a "Peke whisperer" and they are going to help us.   I think more one on one attention will help Andy to blossom.
 I think Andy will be just fine.  Are you going to give her a kiss?
Koko, Minnie and Andy are available for adoption.   If you are interested, fill out our application at
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt  We adopt in Maryland and Virginia and areas close by.   We require home and vet checks before you can meet the Peke.  We want the best homes they can have.  They are so worth is.  💗

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LadyJicky said...

Happy Sunday to you all and I am doing a big old Adoption Dance for those cute three!!!!