Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Andy came into rescue with Koko and Minnie.  Koko is his grandfather and Minnie is his mom. 
He came into rescue after his parents died and then his caretaker died. 
He is very timid, but is in a foster home where he is getting special care and love.
Harrison is his new buddy. 
He doesn't mind Andy's presence, because there isn't an alpha bone in his body. 
He needed a good groom, so he went to his foster parents' groomer this week.
He had matting underneath, so he was trimmed short. 
I bet that feels great in this summer heat.
He likes the deck, so shorter hair is wonderful.
His foster dad takes him on walks, but he needs to build up endurance.  His foster dad has a wagon he can ride in part of the way.   CUTE!
Andy need time to decompress and he's in the right place to do that.   I'm so glad he's safe in rescue.

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LadyJicky said...

Poor guy .... so many moves but he is in the right place now and he will blossom :)