Saturday, July 21, 2018


Scout (shelter name Cortana) came to us from a Maryland shelter. 
You all gave suggestions for a name for her.  Her foster mom chose Scout!    And she said she wanted to add Bit to it after my Bits (grandkids).  I love it.
 Scout Bit is so cute!  She only weighs 9-10 pounds!
She has a tiny little face and she is always smiling.
Lisa met Georgia to get her to us.   I'm so grateful for our volunteers.  We work as a team-- and rescue is a huge team effort.   
She got VERY sick and had to be in ICU for two days.  Thank goodness she came into rescue where she could get that help. Gastroenteritis can set in because of stress and she has a full blown case of it.
  Fiona, her foster mom (and probably her adoptive mom) gives her rice cakes to nibble on.
  There's nothing in it except rice and Scout Bit likes to spread the tidbits around on the floor.  I'm not sure how much she actually eats.
She is making herself right at home, playing with toys and shaking them ferociously!   We're so glad she came into rescue!

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LadyJicky said...

Fiona..... if you do not adopt that lovely cute Scout Bit .... she is coming to Australia!!
So sweet Linda and a dark Peke... Ooooo I love them and so rare :)

* I love those jaunty light eyebrows too ! Ha!